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The past few years have brought open doors in new and diverse ways.
Feb. & Mar. of 2009 were spent in Nigeria, Africa, partnering with Open Heart Ministries , teaching pastors and leaders the Forerunners School of Ministry.
There was a brief trip to Thailand to visit John and Sandy Lavorn, missionaries from the United States.  Ended up attending a Thai funeral quite by accident!  That is an interesting story.

The ministry in the Philippines continues to be the main thrust and I am always amazed at the diversity of each trip.   In 2009 after the devastating flood Ondoy,
DTN supplied bags of groceries to 250 senior citizens that had been greatly affected.  Meeting in a sporting complex in Bonondo, North of Manila, we had an afternoon meeting with hundreds of the senior's and supplied lunch for all.  While in the same area we held two nights of crusades out in the open.  Oh how precious are these people and how receptive to the gospel.   Even as it began to rain, many still remained in their seats.  Then on to Cavite City where we held two more nights of crusades.

The children at the Father's House Children's Home in Mindanao, are growing up and some have even graduated from college.  There are so many new children now that it is difficult to remember all their names.  It is such a joy to see them happy, healthy and growing in the Lord.  It always blesses me to see them studying the scriptures, as it is required of them to memorize one new verse daily.  Last year, 2010, a generous donor supplied us with a large number of backpacks.  DTM added a few more school bags, school supplies and shipped them all to the children in time for the next school season.  Then there is the shipment of the Christmas boxes to each of the two islands.  There was so much donated last year that it was difficult to get it all packed into the boxes.  The gifts were liberally shared among the children and people with great-full appreciation extended from them to the donors here.

It is always an honor and privilege to have the seminars for the pastors.  A time of encouraging them, of renewing and continuing relationships.  The pastoral couple who direct and manage the Children's Home, do an outstanding job.  They pour their hearts and prayers into the lives of each child.

Ministry on the island of Palawan is very different in it's scope. 
In the Fall of 2009 I did a one day seminar at Springs of Living Water Bible School and we had the privilege of ministering at the local Municipal jail in Narra.  What a time we had.  This was just after the horrid mass killing of  61 journalists. Knowing that I would be speaking to the inmates in the afternoon, I prayed, asking the Holy Spirit to lead me.    There on the front page of the newspaper, was a large picture of the leading official responsible for the murders, behind the bars of jail!   Holy Spirit showed me how to use this event and newspaper to bring the message of salvation to these men.   Little did I know, that when returning in January 2011, we would be told that three of the inmates had escaped and the orders "shoot to kill" had been accomplished. 

Every Sunday the little church in Narra is packed and it is with joy that I anticipate bringing the word of the Lord.  The church is maturing and with it come the growing pains. There are new daughter churches and leadership to train up and release.  Had the honor of bringing the message at the funeral of Ferdinand Guevera, 45 yrs., who passed away suddenly in January.  Held three water baptisms in the ocean.  

We have several feeding stations now and it is almost full time planning and executing the program and oversight.  The feeding program has expanded this year to include senior citizens as well as the children.   One of the most exciting things to happen this year, was the partnership with Ontario Christian Gleaners.  A ministry that processes and makes dehydrated vegetable soup mix from the surplus of farmers harvest.  The acceptance of my application for the soup mix came just prior to my Jan. trip to the Philippines. Each bag of soup mix contains over 15 different vegetables and lentils, weighing only 3 pounds per bag.  Each bag will make 100 cups of nutritious soup.   DTM shipment of 30,000 servings of soup have arrived!  It was an exciting day back here in Canada, when a team of ladies went to get the barrels filled with the bags of soup, drove to my church,
where a team of volunteers were waiting to unload the truck, label and repack the soup in preparation for shipment to the Philippines.    The municipal government in Narra, has identified over 1,000 pre-school children that are severely malnourished.  That doesn't factor in the other children or seniors.  What a tremendous opportunity we have been given to feed these children food for their bodies and the gospel for their spirits.  Extra finances are required to continue shipments of the soup mix as we look to this expansion.

Back home in Canada there are the Sundays where I find myself preaching/teaching at churches and conferences.  Invited Gerard, Peta Gay Roberts and family to minister at my home church.  They are a First Nations people that bring the heart of the Father through their music and worship ministry.  Later on in October of 2009 I co-ordinated an event with the Robert's to be held at Flamborough Christian Fellowship.  It was held on the eve of Halloween and it was called the Hallowed Cry!  Hundreds of people gathered
on that night with 13 different worshiper's leading us into His presence!  Glorious!
Then another invitation for Nyasha and Tendai Kambasha to come to our church.  They are originally from Zimbabwe and Nyasha brought a strong, challenging word of the Lord to us.   I had heard "bring the nations" and so in obedience I did.  What joy in the fruits of our obedience. 

In March of this year I hosted a tabret workshop.   Under the teaching and guidance of Dianne Potts, we made the most beautiful tabrets to use as instruments of worship.  They were labor intensive and took us approximately six hours to make.  Now these ladies will go back to their home churches and beable to share what they have learned. The church that I attend is Flamborough Christian Fellowship and i am blessed to have Ptr. Bob Warriner open the facilities for the use of DTM.

There is always so much that occurs on these mission trips-more than I can write in a newsletter.  Please see the pictures from the latest trip on the website.  None of these things would occur without your partnership.  Let me leave you with a word of encouragement.  Recently I went through a situation that left me feeling very distraught and ready to give up (in that particular situation.)  As I cried out to the Lord for His wisdom and clarity, I immediately heard these words, "
do not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap, if we do not lose heart".  Isn't He amazing!  In that moment I had peace and knew what to do.  There were no human answers to this situation. Only He can move in it.

Just as your seeds of prayer and finances into God's Kingdom have blessed people all over the world through DTM, my prayer for you is......................................................
may this be a season of blessing and breakthrough in your life!
If you're still awaiting a breakthrough in your health, finances, or relationships, may you be strengthened by His great promise:
"In due season we SHALL REAP if we do not lose heart!" - Gal. 6:9

Your friend and partner


Della Tyrrell Ministries