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Thursday, October 27, 2011


OCT. 18, 2011


with Rolando Arana and Marco Corsaba


I love the prophecy (referring to Prophecy in 2008) because it says where sin abounds, grace much more abounds. And we know that saying that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church. God knew that there’s going to be this fresh grief with the martyrdom of the priest that was in the newspaper headlines this morning. And I feel like you know the Lord is saying, “Enough is enough.” And God is going to do and bring a sweeping revival among these radicals. In fact the first prophecy that I gave over Mindanao was in Los Angeles, California to Jerome Ocampo of JRev and it was about Mindanao as well. And it was about this kind of thing. Those who’ve become so radical would be turned around and the Lord would say, “I can touch even the hardest of heart. I will begin to say and even visit some of these most radicals who have done the killing and just to hurt my people,” says the Lord. And the Lord says,” I’m gonna visit them. I’m gonna give dreams and I’m gonna give them visions. Don’t think I haven’t seen what was happening but the Lord would say,” Even if there was Saul in the Bible...(there’s such an anointing on this) and he became Paul, there are those who are Sauls and they think that they are doing right for their religion. But the Lord says, “Can I not make modern day Paul’s. Yes, I can!” says God, “And I will do that. I will do that. So this place of great persecution will one day be known as a place of transformation.”

And the Lord says, “I will do it. And I’m gonna raise up a youth movement among my believers, among the believers of Jesus Christ such as the world has never seen. There is a great awakening that’s coming to the Philippines. There is a great awakening coming to the youth of Mindanao. And they are going to be the ones who will not be ashamed of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. They will not compromise. They will not be afraid.” says the Lord. And the Lord says even as I used the early church where there was such persecution and there were really reasons not to follow Christ, great, great persecution even in the Roman era. But the Lord would say, “It just spread My Word and it’s going to happen again for am I not the same yesterday, today, and forever?” says the Lord. And so God says, “Yes, I am grieved to what I see is happening but I’m going to turn what Satan has meant for evil and bring good.” says the Lord.

(how to pray)

I believe that the spirit of religion is behind this extremist movement in a strong way. And the mind powers they want sacrifice and that’s what’s been happening and I believe that a one day prayerthon is not gonna be enough. I feel the Holy Spirit is saying to me that every church in Mindanao and all of the Philippines should everyday, everyday pray for Mindanao till this breaks. Every early morning prayer meeting, everyone take a special assignment to see this break. It’s gonna take a unified body of Christ to break the spirit of death that is really lodged in this region. it is really the spirit of death.

(about dispute over land between the Muslims and the Christians)

You have to understand, Ezekiel 22:30. It says “I sought a man to stand in the gap on behalf of the land...” And so God wants the land to glorify Him and Satan wants to own property, wants to own land. The good news is where Jesus Christ comes in, it brings liberty...there’s not a killing, there’s not a persecution. And I think that’s the point, who will own the earth? And the earth is the Lord’s. I also think we need to pray for the education systems. I believe that they’ve been so radicalized here. But just like we had the Thomasites, historically, God can use education to change what is happening to some of these remote regions. There needs to be a new wave of Thomasites.

(how to pray)

I believe God wants Mindanao to be known as a Garden of Eden. I think the main thing I want to say is that there has to be a concerted fasting and prayer. Every church in the Philippines should take on prayer every single day. Someone should be fasting for Mindanao, outside the area. Just stand ‘til it breaks. And somehow I know this is not going to change until the whole church and all of the Philippines stands and prays and adopts Mindanao in intercession. And even, I’m gonna speak to Filipinos who are in the United States, Hongkong, even working outside of the Philippines and I wanna I ask you to pray. You know prayer will break this- fasting and prayer. But Christians in Mindanao, they don’t have the strength by themselves. It is going to take a concerted effort.

Well, the Garden of Eden was a place of prosperity, blessing, fruitfulness, and out of the Garden of Eden, I can see riches coming and something that will prosper the whole nation. So I see out of Mindanao to come out discoveries from the land, from the earth, from the people. Of course, the people is the treasure, but that is gonna bless the whole nation. And a place that’s become a place of such unrest, you’re gonna see, it will become a place of great blessing!

(over the Philippines)

As Mike and I flew in from Hongkong, I told Mike the atmosphere over the Philippines feels the best I felt in years. And last time I was here, I was so concerned that it was just gonna go down, down, down. And I just kept on saying I am so concerned, they can just deteriorate like what’s happening in other nations. But I feel like something is turning in the heavens. And as I prophesied about a great awakening, that’s what the Lord spoke to me, I say the Philippines’ awakening, just the children, youth, a massive awakening, a prayer awakening first. But then after that, it’s gonna come just revival and transformation.

(on Given Grace’s death)

The bible says Satan has come with great wrath because he knows his time is short and many times when we’re going to see a great awakening of the nation, sometimes, all hell breaks loose before all heaven breaks loose. And I believe that’s what we see happening. The light and the darkness, the polarity of the two. But when you talked to me of the pastor’s daughter who died, it reminds me of the Columbine High shooting. We had a school shooting in the United States and there were Christians predominantly, they were killed. But what happened is it woke up our youth. God began to shake them and they began to say life is too short. And it catapulted to see some of our big movements like The Call, where we see hundreds of thousands of youth praying together. So what I see that’s gonna happen is a very similar thing from this tragic death. God is gonna use it to just wake up the nation.

(word for the parents of Given Grace)

I see a vision of this young lady in heaven and she’s dancing like she’s leading this beautiful dance under the Lord, before the throne of God. In fact, it’s a dance for the nations and I think it’s in Revelations where it taught us about how they sang the song of the nations. Thousands sang and I just see her in front of the throne of God and she’s leading this incredible worship and others that are around her age who died as well but are now alive - they’re there. And this worship God is taking and is loosing it into the earth for intercession and so that’s what I believe she’s doing.

(on Brother Eddie V.)

I’m glad you asked that because if you listen to the prophecy I gave, I didn’t say he would win. Now what I said is that it was the will of God for him to run and that I really feel God wanted him to be president at that time. But the Word says, but I don’t have a Word he’ll win. In fact, I said that in JIL. I said that here in this hotel where we are, repeatedly. So I don’t know why that is. But I have a Word for him to run but I don’t have a Word for him that he will win. So I do believe that his run really allowed a voice to go forth that spoke against corruption. And God really used him in a great way and we need to honor him for that. So I’m really glad you gave me time to set the record straight.

(Greeting to the Filipinos)

I want to greet all of the people of God’s beloved Philippines and say to you not to be discouraged even though at this time, it seems like there’s so much opportunity for discouragement; because God is going to turn the situation around. And He is going to turn this nation around. So just be at peace. I feel like it’s part of God’s purposes as you’re watching right now - the Lord is saying you’re part of the history making movement and you’re part of the turning of the whole nation. So stand fast and don’t give up so you’re going to see the great revival and the great awakening coming to the Philippines.

(Pray for Philippine President)

I feel like as we pray for the President, God’s gonna pour out a spirit of wisdom. You know any president has more powers of darkness that has come against that leader than any person in that nation so this is what I feel is that if we stand and pray for this president, God will anoint not only him, but I see a group of advisers around him that God’s gonna use to really put a “0” corruption campaign. But I think we really need to pray and stand for him for there’s been such a spirit of corruption in the atmosphere of the Philippines for generations. So let’s stand and let’s pray everyday for him that God will help him be a man pure and holy.



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Updated: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 4:01 PM EST
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